On Posting…

21 Nov

In an endless pursuit of satisfying my ego, I decided to go back and read some of my previous posts. I suppose it is a good exercise to go back over positions I have taken, ideas I have had, statements I have made and reflect on them to see if I still agree with them or if something in my life has let me to change my position on something.

The first thing I noticed is that it has been a long time since I posted anything with any substance. I think a lot of that has to do with my latest tussel with God or better said, what I believe about how God operates in our everyday life. (Short answer – I don’t know) There was a time when words came spewing out of my brain. Words, phrases, memories, ideas – flowed like a strong spring-fed river. Lately, the river has turned into a little creek.

I started a post months ago entitled, “Jesus, Beer and Rock & Roll”, but I couldn’t find the exact words to express my thoughts so it is left in an unfinished state. Once the river starts flowing again – I’ll finish it.

I have an idea for a devotional book. You know the ones – usually found on the water tank of you nearest toilet. Some food for thought while you are letting it all out. I’ve often thought that that was prime reading time. Where else can you get absolute privacy (OK – in my house, with my four daughters – it isn’t all that private but one can dream). It just seems to me that the stuff you read on the toilet seems to sink in. Maybe that’s why Readers Digest and Guidepost are so successful.

I am taking my family for a week in the Ozarks. We missed our summer vacation so this is the first time since last Nov. that we have taken some time off. Hopefully it will be a recharge! It should be fun!

So, it’s a little early but I am going to make a resolution. I resolve to be more regular in posting to my blog. Some of it may not be very interesting but I am going to make it a habit. I need to get the river flowing once again.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

File Conversions

6 Nov

ZamZar logoHave you ever received a file in an email that you can’t open because you don’t have the right program to open it with? There is a free service online that allows you to convert files from one format to another. Whether it be audio, video or document files, you can convert almost anything. It sure beats purchasing a program for that one time you need to convert a file!