A Cloud of Dust

17 Aug

I have been reading a book entitled The Little Big Things by Tom Peters. His focus in the book is, that if you focus on the little things, it becomes big in your quest for excellence! Today I read about what he learned at his Grandfathers funeral. Long-story-short, his Grandfather always took an interest in others and went out of his way to be-there for people. At his funeral, over a 1000 people showed up in a town of 400-500. As Tom was driving there, he noticed a cloud of dust as people from all over come to pay their respects.

To quote his take-away.

“The ‘lesson’ that funeral taught me was the power of decency and thoughtfulness. It wasn’t that my mom and dad hadn’t done a lot of that, but this was the Ultimate Technicolor Illustration. In the most unassuming way, Grandpa Owen had ‘been there’ for an entire community and beyond—and a great dust storm of people, some, who’d moved, from 100 miles away, had come to say one last thanks. If there isn’t a crystal clear message, and, de facto, advice in that, I don’t know where you’d find it.”

So – how do you measure up? After reading this, I know I have a long way to go. Will there be a great dust storm of people at your funeral? How will you be remembered?

I’m going to start making changes in my life. To be genuinely interested in strangers. To “be there” for others. Like Tom asks in the book,”To make the obvious more obvious: How do you stack up on The Great “Being There” Exam? It’s the ultimate “life question”—and the ultimate “business-career-success question.”

The Grand Weaver

2 Oct

Grand WeaverHow differently would we live if we believed that every event of our lives – from the happy to the tragic to the mundane – was part of a meticulous and purposeful design in which all the elements intertwined with breathtaking precision? That’s the question bestselling author and internationally know speaker Ravi Zacharias answers in his new book, The Grand Weaver.

I was sent a copy of Ravi Zacharias’ book The Grand Weaver to read. I had never heard of Ravi Zacharias but the description seemed interesting to me. I can say that after reading it, it gave me much to think about. Although I don’t subscribe to the notion that everything in life is planned out, I can see how events can weave together to fulfill God’s purpose for our life.

All-in-all, this was a good book and an interesting read. I would recommend it – in fact, if you would like to read the copy I have, I will send it to you. Just email me your mailing information. I only have one copy so first-come-first-serve!

Have an awesome day!

What is your Holy Discontent?

13 Sep

Not very long ago, I wrote a piece on wanting to discover a passion for something. I’m certain that every person who is alive and breathing has a desire to make an impact on their little part of this world. I know I do. In that post, I asked a simple question, “What keeps you up at night?

Bill Hybels - Holy DiscontentI recently was given the opportunity to review Bill Hybels book, Holy Discontent. In it, he talks about the response that he calls the Popeye response where Popeye says, That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more! Here’s an excerpt from the inside cover of the book.

“Holy Discontent” can overtake you in an instant. You’re going about your business, doing life as usual, when suddenly something happens that awakens your awareness and jolts your soul. A heartbreaking personal experience, a national calamity, an infuriating injustice to someone close to you… whatever it is, you can’t take it lying down. You’ve got to do something.

It’s in that defining moment when your eyes open to something bigger than yourself that you just might hear God say, “Now you know how I feel.” That firestorm of frustration isn’t just yours, it’s his as well – and he wants you to focus its energy so that together, he and you can fix some problem that badly needs fixing.

Throughout the book, he gives examples of people who experienced their own Popeye moment, including his own. He couldn’t stand the boring lifeless church he was brought up in. Eventually, he decided that he needed to do something about it. Willow Creek is the end result. A church that has touched millions of lives. Quite a few examples in the book come from his work to end AIDS in Africa.

More than anything, this book will encourage you to search out your Holy Discontent. It will encourage you to run towards the uncomfortable instead of staying in the comfortable. It will

So, what is your Holy Discontent? What makes you say, That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!

I’d love to hear from you.