Wanted: A New Voice!

21 Dec

Have you ever heard the voice behind the movie promos? Most of those promos are done by Don LaFontaine. I want a voice like that! Is it possible to electronically alter my voice to sound like that? After watching this clip, I think I’m stuck with the voice I have… he is just too good!

If you do have suggestions on how to get a good “radio-guy” voice, please send them my way! Like, what equipment should I buy etc.

Thank you!

I Am A Christian

8 Dec

I am a Christian

I argue, I fight

I curse, I swear

I fall, I rise

I die, I cry

I try, I fail

I walk, I stumble

I hurt, I feel

I anger, I haste

I lose, I win

I frustrate
I am frustrated

I make a mess of things
I ask God to fix things

I never will
I am a Christian.

I am trying to be like my idol
Jesus Christ.

So bear with me
I am no better than you
I can sometimes be worse

Because I have been given much
And much is required of me

I am a sinner and
I have a lot to live up to

Jesus saved me
I was lost,

I am trying to repay him
But I fail everyday..

Because I always forget

    He already paid my debt

That’s when The Holy Spirit reminds me
And then

I am a light in darkness
I am strength to the weak
I am an inspiration to my brethren
I am life, I am Hope, I am Love,
When I am in Christ and Christ is in me
There is no stopping the plans he has for me!

When I am not..
I fall short
He forgives me still
I pray you will because
I am a Christian and
I have some big shoes to fill

Author : Michael Gomez
(Reprinted here by permission – Thanks Michael)
(Read more from Michael and listen to some of his great music at www.myspace.com/thelosttruth)