I’m Tired

21 Sep

Corporate Cup Run 2008Sometimes I do things that I later wonder why I even attempted such a foolish thing. Today was one of those days. I signed up to run a 10K. That is 6.2 miles for those metric-challenged. It was the Corporate Cup Run in Omaha. I am not the fastest runner in the world but my main goal today was to finish the race without walking. I accomplished my goal. It is the farthest I have ran since I was hurt in 1991. Last year I was running every day – at least an hour a day, but this year, I don’t run as much. When I do run, it is a struggle just to run 45 minutes so today was indeed a challenge.

I’m sitting at home now – almost unable to move! 🙂 I knew it would be like this but I accomplished my goal. All of the pain I feel now is completely worth it because I accomplished something I set out to do.

Isn’t that how we should live our lives? Set a goal and no matter how much it hurts, or how long it takes, keep pushing until you achieve your goal.

For those keeping score – I ran nonstop for 1 hour 38 minutes! Like I said – not the fastest hare in the pack. More like the tortoise.

*** UPDATE ***
Official time results were released and I wasn’t as slow as I thought I was! Official time was 1 hour 36 min 41 sec.


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  1. Congrats! That is a lot of running. I am happy for you and am glad you finished. Hopefully, you were able to get out of bed on Monday for work! Talk to you later.

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