Jesus Camp

22 Sep

** Update ** Please read the comments for further discussion of this post. -dip I was a little disturbed when I saw a preview of a new documentary called “Jesus Camp”. I knew they weren’t talking about the type of … Read More »

God and Culture

21 Sep

Next week, we begin a study on the book of Daniel. Pastor Bart will teach each Sunday on a chapter and I will write a daily study that will hopefully provide some daily food for thought. You can subscribe to … Read More »


20 Sep

Reflecting on hope… If you hope something happens without a plan, it is just a dream. If you have hope without something to base it on, it is false hope. Here’s a couple of examples: If I hope to make … Read More »

What’s in a name

13 Sep

Did you ever wonder how the cooking spray PAM was named? One guess in the office was “perfect arisoled margerine”. Well, according to the company website: The first patent for a no-stick cooking spray was issued in 1957 to Arthur … Read More »

Game, Set, Match

1 Sep

It’s the second round of the US Open. Andre Agassi, 36, already having announced his retirement, is playing against the 8th seeded, 21 year old, Marcos Baghdatis of Cypress. After his last match, Agassi had to take cortisone shot to help his back recover. There are 23,000+ in the stands. The atmosphere is electric.