The Ultimate Doctrinal Question

14 Sep

I attended a church once where I was made to feel very unwelcome because I questioned why they believe what they believe. It seems that because I held different opinions on different doctrinal issues, they didn’t want me as part of their “Christian” community. So, needless to say, my desire has always been to be involved in a community of believers that understand that we can have differences in opinion when it comes to doctrine. I have found that at Grace. I know that I can talk to Bart about any issue and he won’t make me feel unwelcome.

So, what’s the answer to all the people who would rather argue about their doctrinal opinions? I just listened to Neal Christopher at Sandals Church and he has come up with the ultimate doctrinal question. A question so powerful and enlightening, that if you can answer this question, all other doctrines and beliefs will fall in place. Here it is:

Did God create homosexual dinosaurs, to choose to drink alcohol or is their alcohol consumption predestined?

Don’t spend too much time thinking about this. The point is, as believers in Christ, we need to spend more time loving others like Jesus did and not worrying about things that just don’t matter.

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