It’s Not Your Stuff

14 Sep

How does your behavior change if something isn’t yours? Do you treat that rental car the same as your car? How about renting an apartment? Do you treat the rental differently than the house you own?

Let’s say that someone gave you a million dollars to give away and the rules are that if you gave it all away, you would get another million to give away. As long as you gave it away, you would always have that million to give away. Would you give it all away? What if someone just gave you a million dollars as a gift. It is yours to keep and use however you want to. Would you give it away? Why or why not?

When we believe that we own stuff, the stuff starts controlling you. We feel a need to clutch, don’t we. What if something happened and we needed the money? How much freedom is that?

God owns everything and we are managers of His resources. His supply is endless. If we don’t own anything, shouldn’t we be generous with the resources we have? In fact, if His supply is endless, isn’t that endless freedom?

Something to think about…

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