The AMerican WAY

22 Sep

Have you ever done something you just knew the Lord was telling you to do and then after you did it, you figured out it wasn’t the Lord telling you as much as it was all you? Did it involve a financial matter? Did it cost you money, time, relationships?

Years ago, I just knew that AMWAY was my answer to early retirement. Now, I wouldn’t ever say out loud that I got into it to get rich, but, I just knew that the Lord led me to that first meeting and I knew that I would be successful – all the people told me so! I was in the Marine Corps at the time and I wasn’t making much money. I convinced Patti that this was a Christian organization and that we could retire off of the business we built through Amway.

For years, we spent almost every evening at some meeting or another. We drove thousands of miles, up and down the east coast attending different functions. We spent thousands of dollars on overpriced products, conventions, gatherings and clothes. We didn’t make any money. I wanted to stop but I was too proud to just quit. It might just start happening the next month! Finally, we just couldn’t do it any more. Everyone of my “friends” that I talked to encouraged me to stay in. Of course, my friends had a vested interested in us staying in.

Now, I don’t have anything against Amway as a company. I am just not a salesman. I don’t like asking for people to buy something. I can’t stand rejection! It’s a personal flaw. I should never had joined. But I did. I didn’t seek wise counsel. The only people I talked to were already part of Amway. They had a biased opinion. Was it from God? I sincerely doubt it. I realize now that it was my greed all wrapped up in a “Christian” package. I wanted to take a short-cut to success. There was a period there for a few years that I tried a few more of those “make quick money” businesses. All unsuccessful. All cost me money. All without the benefit of wise counsel.

Our memory verse for this week is “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.” (Proverbs 12:15) (Don’t you just hate it when a verse was written specifically for you? :))

I think I am wiser now. I turn down all “great opportunities” now.

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