What Will Money Buy?

18 Oct

Money will buy…

a bed but not sleep;
books but not brains;
food but not appetite;
finery but not beauty;
a house but not a home;
medicine but not health;
luxuries but not culture;
amusements but not happiness;
religion but not salvation;
a passport to everywhere but heaven.

(The Voice In the Wilderness, quoted in Discipleship Journal, Issue 53, 1989, p. 21)

Here’s a couple of quotes to ponder:

The real measure of our wealth is how much we’d be worth if we lost all our money. – J. H. Jowett

Almost half of Americans report having less than $5,000 in savings and investments, including 1 out of 10 who have none at all. Significantly, more than one-fourth of Americans did not save or invest any of their income in the past year. – Dr. Seymour Lieberman, in Homemade, January, 1985

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