340 Million and Counting

17 Oct

If you have been paying attention to the news, you have more than likely heard about the $340 million Power Ball jackpot. You may even have a ticket! I still haven’t decided how I feel about lotteries. I don’t go to casino’s but I’ll kick in a buck every now and then to the lottery. My name for the lottery is “a greed tax” because that is what motivates us to purchase a ticket. I don’t play the lottery all of the time. Usually, it is only when my greed over-powers my common sense. I can come up with all types of justification to purchase a ticket. Then of course, I tell God that if He would only let me win, I could financially support all types of ministries. Just think of what 10% of $340 million could do! Then I get convicted that it’s wrong and don’t buy any more. And the cycle repeats itself.

That’s the problem. If money were the answer, we wouldn’t need faith. If we had 34 million dollars to support a ministry, what would I be putting my faith in? Would others stop giving knowing that there’s 34 million in the church’s account? God does not want us to waste money. He wants us to work hard, tithe, care for the poor and save some for our later years.

Instant “wealth” comes with it’s own problems too. All of a sudden, you have more cousins than you knew you had. (And they’re all named Earl) Everyone will be asking to borrow money because – “what is $5,000 to someone with 340 million?” People will try to rip you off. You will be offered more “valuable” investment property than you knew existed! Everywhere you go you will be “stalked”. The friends you thought you had will become jealous. Most “new” friends will be your friend just because of the money.

Does that sound like it’s from God? Remember, only good comes from God. If you like to throw away money on lotteries, I’m selling tickets to the “Help David pay for his four daughters college education lottery.” The jackpot is huge and “You guessed it, you won’t win that either.” 🙂

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