Christian TV Clowns

10 Jan

I just read this article that talks about some of the past comments made by the Reverend Pat Robertson and reading it brought up feelings I have about TV evangelists in general. If you are going to go on national television and call yourself a Christian, don’t make a fool out of yourself! People that are not Christians get their idea of what it means to be a Christian from you! I for one wish Pat Robertson would stay off of the TV.

I don’t know whether the author of the article is a Christian or not. That’s not the point. The point is that in today’s society, Pat Robertson is what most non-Christian people think Christians are like. It’s embarrassing. It makes being a Christian in today’s world that much harder. Personally, I think Pat Robertson is a bozo! I suspect that the fact that he owns a television network has reached his head and he thinks that he now has some sort of divine connection to know what God is doing. His comments about why Israeli Prime Minister Sharon had a stroke are stupid and presumptive. To suggest that the United States should assassinate Hugo Chavez is not what I would consider an appropriate opinion of any Christian.

Pat, please stay off TV. In fact, stop speaking entirely. I’m not perfect. In fact, as believers in Christ, we know that we are just normal people trying live life as Christ showed us. We are going to make mistakes. We will all say stupid things. The problem I have with Pat Robertson is that he presumes to speak for God and the media will give him a lot of rope to hang himself. When he makes a fool out of himself, it reflect poorly on Christians in general. My Favorite Preacher!Think about it. If you were a person today who had never been raised in a church or had a bad church experience, would you want to identify with Pat Robertson? I wouldn’t.

So, in honor of Pat (let’s nuke the state department) Robertson, I have provided a fun video of another of my favorite TV preachers. Just click on the picture to see the video!

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  1. Dave, I love the article (and the past 3 also). I too had heart burn over Pat comments, I think he’s getting old and cranky. Oh, love the video! God Bless my Brother. Miss you. Your Brother in Him, Paul F.

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