Hello NBC. Did I Miss Your Call?

31 Jan

Well, Tuesday has come and gone and NBC must have lost my phone number! 😀

I didn’t really expect to get a call but I think it would have been fun to continue in the process.

So, I have a couple of options. They will accept video applications until mid-February so I told Patti that I would make a video and send it. I also found out that the YMCA in Blair has a weight loss program/contest kind of like The Biggest Loser. You sign up and they put you on a team. A trainer will help you plan your work outs and help you with a diet plan. They will also monitor your progress. At the end of a certain amount of time, the team with the most weight loss gets some sort of prize. I guess they expect you to work out at least six days per week so they are pretty serious about it. We know a couple of people who are doing it now and they like it. It cost $50 so I better be serious about it.

One of the questions the casting directors asked us was what slogan we would put on our t-shirt for the show. I said that I would put “I want to ride a roller coaster”. There is a story about that. Last summer I took my kids to an amusement park and it was Sarah’s first year where she was big enough to ride some of the big roller coasters. I was excited to ride with her. After standing in line for a while, we finally got to get on the coaster. I was too big for the safety harness to lock into place so I couldn’t go. Sarah was too little to go by herself so we both had to get off without getting to experience the ride. I was embarrassed as was Sarah. I told myself that I couldn’t allow that to happen next summer.

So, I now ask you for your prayers. Not that I’ll lose the weight. I need your prayers and support to keep me focused and dedicated. It’s too easy to get discouraged and too hard to stay motivated. That is where I need the most help.

Shoot – if I can stand in the cold rain for six hours just to talk to a casting director for 5 minutes, I should be able to lose this weight! Right? Am I going to blog my progress? Sure – why not! Stay tuned!

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