I’m A Loser (Wannabe)

30 Jan

Today I had an interesting experience. There was an open call for the NBC TV show, The Biggest Loser, in Omaha today. Since I am a very large person, I thought that I would go down there to check it out. Who knows, right?

It was scheduled to go from 11am to 4pm. Not knowing how many people would show up, I thought I’d drive down there about 8am to see what the crowd looked like. If it was short, I would go catch some breakfast. As I drove to the site, I saw the line. It wasn’t short!!! I decided to get into line at 8am. As they started handing out applications, I was number 268! That was 3 hours before it started! Anyway, as the morning progressed, more and more people started showing up. There had to be 1000 people there. The rain also showed up!! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was going to be very cold today so I just wore a hoody. Boy was that a mistake!

Anyway, about 1:45 pm I finally made it into the interview room – along with 10 others. They asked us to introduce ourselves and then asked the whole group a couple of questions, like which trainer would they prefer etc. You had to be pretty aggressive to get the casting director to notice you. The whole interview lasted about 5 minutes.

So, how did I do? Who knows. They will have call-backs in Omaha and if they are going to call us back for a follow-up interview, we’ll know by Tuesday. So, I guess the wait is on.

Was the 6 hour wait in the cold and rain worth it? Sure! I met some new friends. I learned about Famous Footwear and some of the challenges of teaching children with learning disabilities. In line with me were people from Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and who knows where else. If I get a call back, it will just be a bonus. I count the day as a positive experience!

*********** UPDATE *****************

Here’s a news clip about the open-call in Omaha. Click Here To Watch!

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