Do Not Buy Equus/Nobilis Computers

31 May

Last December, I purchased a new laptop. I decided to purchase locally so I bought a laptop from a local computer store. They are resellers for Equus Computers. Equus Computers claims on their web site that they are #1 in the Nation for system builders. Have you ever heard of them? I hadn’t but was assured that they never had any problems with this company.

That’s when my problems first started. I loaded up this laptop. 2 Gigs of RAM, 100 Gig HD, DVD Burner. Wide display. It was top of the line. As soon as I got it home, I couldn’t burn DVD-R’s successfully. They kept failing and some wouldn’t even burn. We replaced the DVD burner but still had the same problem. Then the monitor started pixelating. That’s the only way I can describe it. You can see a video of it here.

After that started happening, it just stared locking up for no reason. The screen would do a “white-out” and I had to turn it off and then on. Eventually, the only way I could use it was to hook an external monitor to it. I had to send it back to be repaired many times. They supposidly replaced the computer twice but I had the same problems with each one. I think it is a design flaw. Maybe it can’t handle all of the RAM. Who knows.

What I do know is that I earn a living with my computer and not having a laptop has cost me money and time. Not to mention the pure frustration.

I have asked for my money back. I want to purchase a 1st Tier business laptop that is reliable. I have to have a usable computer.

So, be forewarned. Do not purchase an Equus/Nobilis Computer.

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  1. I appreciate the fact you may have had a bad unit (no one, no company, no product can be perfect 100% of the time) but in general, I have found Equus Nobilis products to be second to none and I have worked with many computer companies over the years. Their service and support is fantastic. You didn’t buy the unit from us but I’m guessing you received a full refund and apology from your reseller and Equus. I am sorry you had a bad one but thats all it was-a bad one that they will either fix, replace or return at your option!

  2. I was able to get a full refund but from my understanding, the refund was from the local reseller and not from Equus. I hated the fact that the reseller had to go through this because we live in a small town and they really worked with me on this. I often refer friends to them for their computer needs. They shouldn’t have had to refund this themselves.

    After I returned it to them, they did some additional testing and evaluation. They did find that the two AC adapters I received with the unit didn’t supply the correct voltage to the unit. That could have contributed to the problems I was having. Who knows. I purchased a Dell direct from Dell and so far, have been completely happy with it. My problem with Equus is that in my situation, it seemed that their technical support/evaluation wasn’t that good. The first time I sent the unit back, I sent the power adapters with it. They could have tested it and replaced it but didn’t. They would plug it in on their power adapter and run their tests. I’m sure they didn’t find anything – so they sent it back. They never tested the power adapters.

  3. Nothing I read suprises me about this company. I used to work there and let me tell you. The only thing the Owner cares about is profits.

    You wouldn’t believe the problems I used to encure while working there.

    I personally would NEVER purchase a computer from this company

  4. Yay Dan and Dave!!! I just got my Nobilis laptop back from being “fixed”! It just went black on me and I took it to be fixed, I got it home, turned it on it worked for about 15 minutes and went black on me again!!! I have had a Dell laptop at school for about 6 years and have not had problem one with it. Our secretary at school also had a Nobilis laptop and had so many problems she asked for a different computer, she got a Dell and has had NO problems!!! Sorry Robert, as far as I am concerned, Nobilis are JUNK!!!! Luckily I have the option of trading out for a Dell laptop, definitely will take them up on that one~~~

  5. I have an older Nobilis. It has a pentium 4 2.4ghz processor..the only issue I have ever had was the power adapter connector keeps breaking off the motherboard. So I took a power adapter plug from a Toshiba that has a pigtail on it to plug onto a motherboard, cut off the connector to the motherboard, and soldered the wires to the board and drilled a small hole in the case to leave the adapter plug outside the unit. this “FRANKENSTEIN” works great. (Now if I could just get quieter fans so I can hear the speakers).

  6. I am sure glad I read this site because I was going to buy a laptop server and two desktop models from this company but I think I have changed my mind!!!!Thanks!!!!!

  7. We have been a reseller of Nobilis Systems for about 8 years now and have had very little turn around for work or hardware replacement on them. They have been a VERY successful machine for us and even use their servers for all our in-house Internet Service Provider needs. Our Engineer spends 90% of his time working on Dells, Compacts, Hewlett Packards or E-Machines and times he spends hours just trying to get proper support from the companies themselves when having to replace hardware or CD’s that never came with the units when customers purchased them. Their CHEAP systems that have never-ending repair needs. Nobilis has not only been a money saver for our customers (requiring little to no repair work) but also for the Engineer that has to take the time to work on them, therefore freeing up his time for other in-house needs. It’s the internal componets that you CHOOSE when you build the system that makes the difference ~ in other words, you get what you pay for.

  8. This is referring to an earlier post from Dan: December 27th, 2007 at 1:46 pm.
    I have inherited a Nobilis N1019 notebook and reinstalled my own XPPro. However certain drivers are missing. Multiple searches on the internet have come up nil on drivers. If anyone knows other than pay sites for drivers please follow up on this site. I would advise anyone looking into acquiring a Nobilis notebook, i would advise not. Acquiring information and drivers over internet on Nobilis computers is very difficult.

  9. I salute Nobilis Computer Company for high quality products, at first when buying my Nobilis Computer I had some fears of durability, but after a long stay with it without any problem that’s when I decided to buy the same brand for my business (Internet Cafe’), and no problem come out compared to these other popular brands.
    Try Nobilis Computers you wll never regret.

  10. I have trouble trusting a review from a reseller that doesn’t know that COMPAQ is the correct computer company’s name, not COMPACT. I have never heard of Noblis and wouldn’t trust them for anything critical. There are a lot of chinese knockoffs out there to choose from. Emachines are junk also, I have worked on many of them.

  11. I bought a Nobilis N4044 a little over 1 year ago. The video card went out on it and I have been trying to see if the video card is replaceable, so I call their tech support and get this recording stating I will get a text message. I receive the text saying my number has been blocked. I went with Nobilis because it was a small company thinking that they hand built and with pride. I am totally wrong. THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE DELT WITH, AND I USE TO WORK WITH GATEWAY,

  12. Interesting how they get by with selling this stuff to so many people before getting caught. Great job posting the warning and getting the word out.

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