The Ruler Is Just

5 Mar

Yesterday during his message, Pastor Bart said “The Ruler Is Just” (along with an accompanying power point slide), in his discussion of the Ruler of the Kingdom of God as described in the Book of Matthew.

My adult mind processed that phrase and, taken out of the context of the message, was quite uneventful. My 7 year old daughter Emily processed it a bit differently.

She turned to me and asked, “Just what?”

I said, “What?”, and she would reply, “Just what?”

It didn’t hit me until about 4 or 5 rounds of “What? Just What?”‘s that she didn’t know what the adjective version of the word just meant. She was only familiar with the adverb version of just. So, that led to a lengthly explanation of the word just and the different meanings, ways we use the word, origins and roots of the word.

To which her reply was: WHY?

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