God is Omnipresent [Lesson 1.3]

8 Jun

om·ni·pres·ent (adjective) Present everywhere simultaneously.



It seemed to Abdullah that all in Petra were on their faces and yet still somehow able to see Christ. And when the Savior had called Abdullah by name, he could tell from the response around him that Jesus had called each person by their own name. Even better, Jesus had spoken to Abdullah in his native Arabic.

Kenny shouted, “He knows me!”

And Beth Ann wrapped her arms around George’s neck and squealed, “He said my name!”

From that moment, Abdullah heard everyone conversing with Jesus as if He were speaking to each of them alone.

Excerpt from The Glorious Appearing by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

When I read this book, it sent chills down my spine to think that someday, I too will get to talk to Jesus face to face. And knowing that He is omnipresent, I won’t have to stand in line. In fact, He is able to talk to all of us, in our own language, at the same time. In fact, because He is omnipresent, we don’t even have to wait for his return – He hears us right now when we talk to Him. I admit – I can’t wait to see Him but, it is also nice to know that I can still talk to Him until that day!

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