God is Omniscient [Lesson 1.4]

9 Jun

om·nis·cient (adjective) Having total knowledge; knowing everything



Alan Kay is a prominent and respected computer scientist. He works in a field where it’s notoriously difficult to predict the future: ten years before the World Wide Web emerged, no-one anticipated anything like it: everyone thought back in the eighties that the future of computer was going to be in things like voice-recognition interfaces. His take on how to predict the future of computer science is insightful: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

We can understand God’s perfect knowledge of past, present and future in much the same light: he invented it. He knows it perfectly because it’s his plan.

As it relates to our lives, He does not make the decisions about what is going to happen to us. He just knows what our decisions will be before we make them. He foresees, he does not predetermine the events in our lives.

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