Does God Care About Our Work?

12 Oct

When we first began this study, I kept on emphasizing that the main attitude that we have to develop is the attitude that Nothing is ours – Everything is God’s. Our lesson this week is related: God Is Involved In Our Work.

In Colossians, it says (my translation), “When you work, work hard, like you are working for Jesus because, as a Christian, you serve Christ, not men.” (Colossians 3:23-24)

Think about it. God gives us each abilities. I can program computers but I can’t fix a car. My brother fixes cars but he can’t program a computer! God creates us each with our own ability so that as a community, we can help each other. When we serve others, we serve God.

When we use our abilities to serve Him, he then gives us success. In the story of Joseph, it says that “the Lord was with Joseph and so he became a successful man.” (Genesis 39:2-3) Note: Success does not always have to mean material gain. I consider this website successful and I don’t make a cent on it! 🙂

God also gives us our promotions. Instead of kissing-up to your immediate superior, focus on serving the real Boss! Psalm 75:6 says “For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God!”

Of course, if you are self-employed like me, then you know who runs everything. I like to say that God is my sales manager!!!

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