Things I Learn About Myself

5 Mar

Needed a break in my book writing so I thought I’d read a little. I was reading an article about your online profile. It’s basically what people can find out about you from the information that is publicly available online. So, I thought, what is available online when I type my name in Google. (BTW – I don’t make it a practice of Googling myself. It just feels dirty.) Anyway – here are a few interesting things I found out about myself at

David Petersen

  1. was a lecturer, author and retired comprehensive financial planner. (true – I am a lecturer, aspiring author and I retired from my financial planning career after 6 months)
  2. is one of the coolest dudes working in comics today. (really? why thank you)
  3. is married. (Well they got that right)
  4. has a good dating list by features in the appendices (I must have misplaced that in high school, somewhere near the bibliography. That explains why I never dated in college.)
  5. has 32 friends (tells you how much they know. According to facebook, I have 274 friends)
  6. has no plans to resign, despite the recent scandal in his office involving misuse of state resources and pressure from those in his own (OK – now I’m getting worried)
  7. is a master of his trade. (Really? I thought I was master of my domain)
  8. has done a wonderful job with this world he has created (Exactly – see previous comment)
  9. was fortunate enough to teach the children at Oso Grande Elementary about the basics of podiatry (that must have been after I retired from financial planning)
  10. has 24 years of auction experience. (One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya’ give me two? Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya’ give me three?)
  11. is a writer’s writer (Let’s just hope)
  12. was able to obtain such a wonderful robust collection (must have left that with my dating list)
  13. is a careful man in the forest. (You got that right. If you fall there, nobody will hear you.)
  14. is one of the founding members of the club. (Yes – the club is the place to be. It is so exclusive; it doesn’t have a name)
  15. has a friend Bob who designs and builds Chinese style. (“Bob” is not his real name.)
  16. is responsible for setting the vision and execution path of Sense. (Don’t we all need to be on the path of Sense? It’s my new religion.)

OK, enough of this wasting time. Time to get back to something more important, like teaching small children the basics of Podiatry.

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  1. Mr Petersen:

    I’m a very philanthropic, devoted man of service starting the “4th quarter” of his career in Dept of Defense clinical work in Colorado Springs, and, specialized intervention work in Colorado, New Mexico & Texas. Toward that end I have begun to form a website that I want to identify by my (our) name.

    If you would consider it, I wish to pay you for (or finance an alternate) your .com domain. As a supporter of much of the same values as your website shows (see my site), man of modest means and fierce ally to veterans (clinically, pastoralyl & socially) I am asking with respect and appreciation.

    David Petersen
    719-440-0025 ofc
    719-332-6767 cel

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