File Conversions

6 Nov

Have you ever received a file in an email that you can’t open because you don’t have the right program to open it with? There is a free service online that allows you to convert files from one format to … Read More »

Portable Applications

30 Oct

As an independent software developer, I often find myself using computers that aren’t my own. There are a lot of tools and utilities that I like to use that aren’t always on these computers and normally, can’t be installed on … Read More »

Ms. Dewey

18 Oct

One of my great little pleasures in life is watching GeekBrief TV. Cali delivers a short Videocast that keeps me up-to-date on some of the coolest – geekiest – gadgets out there. Today, she talked about Ms. Dewey. Ms. Dewey … Read More »

Pimping Jesus

5 Oct

I just came across this post today. It caught my attention! I was standing before 200 people at church when I said it: “Salvation is not a walk down the aisle, a prayer, and wham bam, thank you ma’am, you’re … Read More »

Jesus Camp

22 Sep

** Update ** Please read the comments for further discussion of this post. -dip I was a little disturbed when I saw a preview of a new documentary called “Jesus Camp”. I knew they weren’t talking about the type of … Read More »

God and Culture

21 Sep

Next week, we begin a study on the book of Daniel. Pastor Bart will teach each Sunday on a chapter and I will write a daily study that will hopefully provide some daily food for thought. You can subscribe to … Read More »


20 Sep

Reflecting on hope… If you hope something happens without a plan, it is just a dream. If you have hope without something to base it on, it is false hope. Here’s a couple of examples: If I hope to make … Read More »

What’s in a name

13 Sep

Did you ever wonder how the cooking spray PAM was named? One guess in the office was “perfect arisoled margerine”. Well, according to the company website: The first patent for a no-stick cooking spray was issued in 1957 to Arthur … Read More »