Ms. Dewey

18 Oct

Ms DeweyOne of my great little pleasures in life is watching GeekBrief TV. Cali delivers a short Videocast that keeps me up-to-date on some of the coolest – geekiest – gadgets out there.

Today, she talked about Ms. Dewey. Ms. Dewey is a search engine with attitude. It is a new way of searching and in my mind, could offer a future way of interacting with information. Right now, it has kind of a “neato” factor but it isn’t really useful. I’ll stick with Google for my searches. It is neat to imagine how searching in the future may work!

Think about it. In the future, we could just ask our computer a question and it would deliver answers most applicable to what you want. It learns about you by how you respond to the results and eventually, it learns to deliver information to you that you find most useful. That’s the future – Ms. Dewey is just the beginning….. This is why I love technology!

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