Too Good To Be True

5 Oct

DVD Rewinder This morning, on the way to work, I dropped off a DVD I rented. I hate rewinding fees and so I’m glad I found this time-saver.
The DVD Rewinder has saved me a lot of time and no more late fees! One of the best things about a blog is that I can share with others the great products and ideas I find on the internet.

Sometimes, things that sound like the real thing can be false advertising. In today’s post-modern culture, I hear things that have a ring of truth to them but can’t hold theological water. It isn’t even limited to post-modern thought. Some main-line denominations are spreading a dangerous theology where practicing homosexuals are allowed to serve as pastors, they embrace a feminine god and encourage interfaith pluralism.

As believers in Jesus, we need to always ask for discernment. Some “gospels” aren’t always what they seem.

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