False Advertising

30 Jun

Here’s a clip from a story in Ministry Today: The staff and congregation at the United Pentecostal Church of Harvey, Ill., are convinced you’ll like their church–so convinced that they offered $25 to the first 75 visitors who showed up … Read More »


27 Jun

Recently, I ate at a Chinese restaurant. As is common practice among most Asian restaurants, I was given a fortune cookie along with my bill. I always look forward to the little, almost flavorless cookies. I’m sure it is that … Read More »

I’m My Own Grandpa!

26 Jun

Here’s silly story by that infamous “unknown”.  You may have read it already. I’m My Own Grandpa! Many many years ago when I was twenty three, I got married to a widow who was pretty as could be. This widow … Read More »

Seek The Truth

11 Jun

Just posted a new podcast at Grace Learning Center.  We are beginning a new three week series covering some of the issues raised in Dan Brown’s book, The DaVinci Code.  Here is the link to the Grace Learning Center posting: … Read More »


5 Jun

Hate. Such a strong word. Just say it. HATE. It is a powerful word. Just saying it, you can feel that raw emotion. When we say, “I HATE”, we feel more powerful. There’s ugliness about that word too. Hate makes … Read More »