God’s Providence to Abraham [Lesson 2.6]

18 Jun

Ever wonder where God is when you are experiencing problems in life? In the Psalms, one of the common themes is the Psalmist, crying out to God – asking Him where He is!

I’ll paraphrase…

Lord, we have been knocked down! I don’t know where we will ever get the energy to get up and continue with the fight. You don’t even seem to care. God, do you have it in for us? Our problems seem to scream at us and ask us – where is your God? Is He out to lunch? Is He taking a nap? Where are You when we need You most?

The truth is, as the Psalmist concludes, most of our pain is the result of our own actions, choices, and attitudes. So he prays! Please forgive us for neglecting your plan for our life. Please, pull us out of this mess. Do what You’re best at doing. That is saving! That’s what God’s specialty is. (Psalm 79)

Now think about Abraham. God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Did you hear Abraham saying – Where are you God? Why would you have me do this? You can’t be serious!

No. Abraham obeyed. When Isaac asked where the lamb was, Abraham said, “God Himself will provide one”. What faith. Abraham knew what Isaac didn’t – God had asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. But, Abraham’s faith in God’s Providence was so great that he knew that God would provide a lamb.

So, what is our answer to God when we experience trouble? I trust you God to know what is right for me and that through your Providence, you can make all my stupid actions work out for good. And when you do, I will praise you over and over and over. Actually, maybe I should start now!

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