Man’s Need for Government [Lesson 7.2]

19 Jul

Because of sin, we see evidence throughout the Bible of the need for government in society. I will be the first to admit that I don’t like over-reaching governments. I don’t like to pay taxes. I think that too many people have become too dependent on government instead of God. I have all sorts of problems with human forms of Government.

Many people dream of a place called Utopia. This is an idealistic place where perfect justice and social harmony exist. Everyone minds his own business, gladly contributes to the welfare of the rest, and enjoys the good things of life to the fullest. If you are honest with yourself, you know that a utopian society can not exist on earth. Human beings are sinners. They are selfish, prideful and rebellious by nature. No one is immune from this. Communism and Socialism are examples of failed attempts to create these types of societies. There is always someone who will grab more power or control for himself. Then others will follow until you have a corrupt society.

I am still amazed at the brilliance of our founding fathers. The government they set up is as fair as you could get. Even after 200 years, the original government structure is still in place. We see indications that it could start falling apart. Through human sin, we see corruption at all levels of our government. It isn’t perfect is it?

When Jesus comes again to rule on earth, it will be much different. You can read it in Revelation 21 and 22. Here is my translation. The earth will completely be healed. The old heaven and earth are gone and there will be a new heaven and earth. A new city of Jerusalem will come out of heaven and settle on the earth. It will be a glorious city. God will make His home there. There will be no need for a sun as God’s glory will light up the earth. The walls will shine like gems. The streets will be gold. A pure river with the water of life will flow down the middle of the main street. There will be a tree of life on each side. Each tree will bear 12 different fruits that will always be replenished. There will be no more death or sorrow. No crying, no pain. No hunger and no thirst. Nothing will be cursed. There will be no night. No evil will be allowed in the city.

Sounds like a wonderful place right? Want to know how to get there? Recognize that you are a sinner. Ask for forgiveness and tell Jesus that you accept His gift of salvation. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you the rest of your life.

God said that only those who are victorious will inherit all these blessings. Don’t be left outside the walls.

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