What Is So Controversial About Revelations? [Lesson 10.2]

9 Aug
Whenever you start talking about Revelations, you are bound to come across someone who disagrees with you.  Very learned Bible scholars have book-long disagreements on what Revelations really means.  Some think it is purely symbolic. Some believe that the events described something that happened in the past. Some don’t even think it is real at all.  Even among those who agree that it is a prophecy about future events, they can’t agree on the timing of these events. Which will happen first, the tribulation or the rapture? If it is the tribulation, will the rapture occur in the middle of the tribulation or at the end?  It is sometimes ridiculous how Christians can disagree on so much!
One thing we do know, that because we believe in Jesus, we have the blessed hope, which is the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ (Titus 2:11-14).  In our previous discussions, we learned that the Bible is without error. That God inspired men to write it but the whole Bible is God’s perfect Word.  If we accept that, then we know that the events described in Revelations are going to happen.  There are a lot of discussions on the details but here are a few things that I believe most scholars agree on:
1.  Jesus is returning to earth.
2.  There will be signs leading up to Christ’s return.
3.  All those who believed in Christ before they died will be raised to meet Jesus.
4.  All those still living and believe in Christ will be “raptured” to be with Jesus.
5.  There will be a period of tribulation which will be very difficult to live through.  Many people will die.
6.  Jesus will judge all people, believers and non-believers.  Even Satan.
7.  We will have to give an accounting of what we did with our lives.
8.  Everyone and everything that did not believe in Jesus prior to his final return will be condemned to indefinite suffering.
9.  Jesus will return and set up His kingdom on earth.
Here’s the important thing to remember.  The Bible tells us that Jesus return will happen like a thief in the night (1 Thess 5:1-3).  It is our obligation to always be ready.  It is also our obligation to tell others about accepting Jesus as their personal Savior so that they can be ready also.
Now is that so controversial?

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