Daniels 70th Week [Lesson 10.6]

15 Aug

The last (70th) week of years as mentioned in Daniel 9 has not been fulfilled yet.  I believe that this last seven years are the events that are spelled out in Revelations which we call the Tribulation.  For the sake of discussion, this is the order of events that I want to discuss in the next two weeks. Remember to email me any questions on specific topics of this period that you want to discuss.  Toward the end of next week, I will go over the Thousand Year Reign of Christ and the events that will take place then.


[Time – Before the tribulation]

[HEAVEN] Opening of the seven sealed scroll (4:1-5:15

[EARTH] The Rapture (4:1)

Antichrist makes a peach agreement with Israel – Beginning of The Seven Year Tribulation (6:1 – 18:24)
[Time – 1st half (3 1/2 years) of the tribulation]
     Vision of the closed book (10:1-11)
     Measuring of the Temple (11:1-2)
     Prophecy of Christ’s future reign (11:15-19)
     The Seven Seal Judgments (6:1-17)
     The Seven Trumpet Jedgments (8:1-9:21)
     The Great Harvest 144,000 Jewish evangelists (7:1-17)
     The two witnesses (11:3-14)
     Babylon the mother of false religion destroyed (17:1-18)
[Time – 2nd half (3 1/2 years) of the tribulation]
     Vision of the sun-clad woman (12:1-17)
     Vision of the 144,000 saints and of the Judgment Day (12:1-17)
     Vision of the sea of glass around the throne (15:1-8)
     The Seven Bowl Judgments (16:1-21)
     Antichrist establishes self-worship (13:1-10)
     The False Prophet and the mark of the beast (13:11-18)
     Babylon the government and commercial capital destroyed (18:1-24)

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