Raize UP!

29 Aug

Lately I have been listening to a lot of independent christian artists. One of the songs that I really like is by Ason (http://www.bigsonny.com/home.html) called Raize Up! There is an urgency in the lyrics that just hit me. It is what I feel. We need leaders to raise up and tell others about Jesus. We have a generation of young kids that need to hear the freedom message that Jesus brings. We can’t be complacent and let others define the culture our kids are going to grow up in. We need to give our kids more exposure to artists like Ason.

All My Youngins’ Raize Up
Young At Heart Raize Up
We gon’a send the praise up
Lift His name up.

Don’t save nothin’
Put it all up
Lift the man up
on the third day
[I]s when He came up.

Raize Up by Ason

“I’m calling out to young leaders,” says Ason, “It takes a leader to stand for God these days and we need the influence of anointed leadership to bring change to our troubled communities.”

Holla back preachers…


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