26 Sep

A conversation with Officer Smith:

Hi Officer Smith. You would not believe what I just witnessed! I am shocked even now as we speak!

What happened?

Well, you wouldn’t believe it. You see, as I was driving down the road, a mini-van didn’t even bother to stop at a stop sign. They just did one of those slow-and-go things and they pulled right out in front of me. But that wasn’t the worst thing. They had one of those fishes on the back. (whispering) They are Christians.

Can you believe they call themselves Christians and then don’t even bother to stop at a stop sign? Well, I never would do that. I am a good Christian – I would never run a stop sign. They are so hypocritical!

Do I know how fast I was going? Well, I’m not sure.

Oh. 10 miles over the speed limit? That’s not bad. I thought I was speeding.

I was speeding? You must be joking! Everyone knows that you can go over the speed limit a little without actually “speeding”.

10 miles over is speeding? You have got to be serious. Where were you when those other bozo’s ran the stop sign? What they did is much worse. You should give them a ticket.

Oh. OK. Just give me the ticket so I can leave. Yes. I will slow down.

Thank you Officer Smith. I’ll be praying for you.

Think about it….

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