What is your ministry?

16 Oct

Today I learned that everyone had a tough week at work last week. I’m not exactly sure of the why but I’ll tell you what I am thinking.

The one thing that I felt I had to emphasize today in class was this: We have each been given unique skills by God to use to serve each other and to serve God. As Christians, we are called a community of believers. God gave us each unique abilities and together, we make each other complete.

If you heard Bart’s message this morning, He said the same thing. Find your skills and then use them to serve God.

I really think that today’s message will have a big impact on us at Grace. I really want to encourage you to seek God and ask Him to show you how you can use your skills to serve Him. Wednesday evening is the Oasis at Grace. It will be a perfect opportunity to focus on what your ministry could be or how you can use your skills to make an impact for Him.

I think this could be HUGE. Just think of the possibilities, if everyone at Grace were to commit to use their God given abilities to serve Him. I urge each of you to pray sincerely about how God can use you and the abilities He gave you to serve Him.

Have a great week! Remember, you are working for God!

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