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17 Feb

Ever wondered if God still speaks to us? I have pleaded with God to just audibly tell me that he is working in my life. But yet, I didn’t hear anything. Maybe I wasn’t listening.

I have recently had two significant God experiences. I really know now that God is working in my life. I’ll tell you all about them soon. I think it is important that we tell others of the great things God does in our life. It helps lift people up and strengthens their faith.

I want to hear your stories. In fact, I want to put your story on my website. You can remain anonymous if you want. You can keep private information private. I just want others to be able to read about how active God truly is on our lives. No story is better or worse than any other. This is not a competition to see who experienced God the best. I want real God experiences. Times when you knew that God was at work in your life.

You can either leave a comment on this post or send an email to I can’t wait to read them!

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  1. OK. I’ll start it out. Here’s God Moment #1

    Early this week, I was looking at our bank account and saw that I was in trouble. I had automatic payments coming out of my checking account in a couple of days and I didn’t have enough money to cover them. There wasn’t any way that I could think of to raise the $500 that I needed. I could have borrowed the money but I had just taught a class on Managing Money God’s Way and I knew that borrowing was not the answer. I didn’t have anywhere else to turn except to God. So, here is what I prayed. “God, I know that you have promised to meet all my needs and you have always provided for us. I don’t know where I will get the $500 to cover these bills. I do know that I can not borrow the money because that would go against what you have convicted me about debt. So Lord, I’m leaving it in your hands. I don’t have the answer. I need $500. Amen.”

    A few hours later, someone walks in to my office and hands me a check for $500. Although I knew that they owed me the money and knew they would eventually pay, I had no expectations that they would pay that day. I was overcome. I broke down in tears right there, in front of them, in my office. God had provided – exactly the amount I had asked for.

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