Warrior Tales

1 Jul

Most of you know that I spent almost eight years in the United States Marine Corps.  A back injury received while deployed to the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield/Desert Storm ended my Marine Corps career. 

I look back fondly on my years in the Corps and often wish there were something I could do to support the men and women who currently wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

I receive a monthly magazine called Leatherneck.  It is the magazine of the Marines.   Besides the various stories about different units and the latest on what is happening in and around the Corps, there are stories of brave men who sometimes sacrificed themselves in order to save the life of others.  The dedication to the unit before self is a characteristic instilled in every Marine but the utter selflessness demonstrated by the Marines that gave their life takes my breath away.  When I read these stories, I keep saying to myself – others need to hear of this sacrifice.  Regardless of how you feel about this current war or other past wars, the very act of laying down ones own life to save others is exactly what Jesus taught.  I can’t witness to the spiritual lives of these Marines but from my own experience, in those quiet moments before going into battle, a man tends to look to God to make things right. 

So, every once in a while, as I find stories, I will post them here.  It is my hope that you are as inspired by these stores as I am.  I’ll begin with Lance Corporal Christopher S. “Sperge” Adlesperger.

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