No Excuses – Part 2

23 Aug

I posted yesterday that I have adopted a new life motto, No Excuses! In every aspect of my life, I am determined to live life without making any excuses. I was then sent a link to this video clip from the movie, Facing The Giants. Many of you have already seen the movie. I haven’t but it is on my list to rent. Today, it just moved up to the top of my list.

Never give up. Give it all you’ve got. It’s all heart from here. Work through the pain. Give it your best.

Whew! Are you as tired watching this as I was? Doesn’t it pump you up?!

I watched this earlier today and then tonight I decided to go for my run. It was raining but I told myself, “no excuses”. I started running. There’s a long and fairly steep hill that goes 1/4 to 1/2 mile. I usually walk briskly up that hill. Tonight I told myself – no excuses. As much as it hurt, I ran all the way to the top. Once I got to the top, I wanted to stop and walk but I told myself – no excuses. I ran around the park – up and down more hills, (no excuses). I ran down the big hill and instead of turning to home, I kept going (no excuses). I ran and I ran – through pain, through the rain, through the mud. (no excuses) I finally reached my house – 1 1/2 hours later. I didn’t stop once. I ran all that time – no excuses.

It’s all about attitude. If you tell yourself that you can’t do it, you won’t. If you stop as soon as you start feeling that pain, you will never get stronger. But, if you tell yourself that you can do it, and you stay persistent, you will eventually finish. If you push through the pain and continue on, you will get stronger.

The best thing about living life with no excuses is that if affects every part of your life. Want to spend more time with your kids – then do it (no excuses). Want your spouse to love you more? Then make a committment to enhance your relationship! (no excuses) Want to get closer to God? Then dedicate more time to improve your relationship with Him. (no excuses). Feel foolish talking about God with your friends? Do it anyway (no excuses).

OK – you get the idea. Now go out and live life! No Excuses!

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