The Grand Weaver

2 Oct

Grand WeaverHow differently would we live if we believed that every event of our lives – from the happy to the tragic to the mundane – was part of a meticulous and purposeful design in which all the elements intertwined with breathtaking precision? That’s the question bestselling author and internationally know speaker Ravi Zacharias answers in his new book, The Grand Weaver.

I was sent a copy of Ravi Zacharias’ book The Grand Weaver to read. I had never heard of Ravi Zacharias but the description seemed interesting to me. I can say that after reading it, it gave me much to think about. Although I don’t subscribe to the notion that everything in life is planned out, I can see how events can weave together to fulfill God’s purpose for our life.

All-in-all, this was a good book and an interesting read. I would recommend it – in fact, if you would like to read the copy I have, I will send it to you. Just email me your mailing information. I only have one copy so first-come-first-serve!

Have an awesome day!

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