17 Mar

I like to watch VH-1’s Driven. Here is a line that is frequently heard: They told him he couldn’t do it. He proved them all wrong. Can people say that of you? Are you living your dream? Are you doing … Read More »

Religion Can Go To Hell

18 Jan

I just read this article entitled “Religion Can Go To Hell“. It was written by a college student at the University of Buffalo. It disturbed me. My first gut wrenching reaction was that I should rush off and write an … Read More »

Ministering To The Gay Community

5 Jan

Brian LePort at the Fog City Narrative posted this recently. It is a subject that I have been giving a lot of thought to lately. I think that it is imperative to remember that Jesus forgives all sin. Swiping … Read More »

Pithy Melchizedek

4 Jan

I’m sitting here trying to write my commentary on Chapter 7 of Hebrews for the study we are doing at church. We take the chapter and divide it into short daily readings and then I am supposed to come up … Read More »