Month Full Of Sundays

14 Dec

As I type this, I am on vacation. Actually, we left yesterday and will finish our drive today. I had an experience yesterday that I would have never dreamed of when I was a kid. On the drive from Omaha to Kansas City, I listened to four different sermons! Now that is saying something since I used to try to find ways to get out of listening to sermons.

One of the newer technologies that I have been interested in is called “Podcasting“. Basically, it’s downloadable audio programs that you can subscribe to. I have been finding different and interesting churches that post sermons online. I have been downloading these and listening to them at work. For the drive I loaded up my MP3 player for hours of listening enjoyment!

So, all the way down, I listened to sermon after sermon after sermon. I like listening to what other people think about what the Bible says about different things in our culture. Like, what does the bible say about the environment, gay marriage, religion and politics, religious or secular music, comedy and glutony. The sermon series I am currently listening to is entitled “Counter Culture”. It is very interesting. You can find that series at Sandals Church. If you have iTunes, you can subscribe to their podcast at iTunes.

Of course, we also have our own podcast at Grace Community Church. You can always listen to the current sermon online at or you can subscribe to our podcast at iTunes.

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