The Throne Of God [Lesson 10.9]

23 Aug

Have you ever wondered what the throne of God looks like? Do you imagine a great big chair all decorated with gold and jewels? In Revelations, we get a good description of the throne of God.

2At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it.

The central object of heaven is the throne of God, referred to eight times in 4:1-6 and eighteen times altogether in chapters 4-5. It seems to be a fixed point, with everything else in heaven located in relationship to it. The remainder of chapter 4 conveys to us seven distinct characteristics of the throne of God.

  1. The Triune God
    • Verse 2-3 indicate all three members of the triune God.
    • Christ in His priestly role.
  2. The Twenty-Four elders
    • 24 thrones around God’s throne
    • Most believe the 24 are human brought up in the rapture to represent the total priesthood.
    • Some believe them to be the 12 patriarchs of the Old Testiment and the 12 apostles
  3. The Signs of Judgment
    • lightning
    • rumblings
    • peals of thunder
  4. The Seven Spirits of God
    • the Spirit of the Lord
    • the Spirit of wisdom
    • the Spirit of understanding
    • the Spirit of counsel
    • the Spirit of power
    • the Spirit of knowledge
    • the Spirit of the fear of the Lord
  5. The Sea of Glass
    • Two suggestions on what it represents.
      1. the Church at rest
      2. the Word of God
  6. The Four Living Creatures
    • Seraphim (Isa. 6:1-3)
    • Six wings and cry, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty”
    • Four Forms
      1. A lion – leader of the kingdom of wild animals.
      2. A calf – leader of domestic animals.
      3. A man – leader of the angelic hosts responsible for the human race
      4. A flying eagle – leader of the kingdom of the fowls of the air.
  7. The Heavenly Worship of Christ
    • The Lord Jesus Christ is the object of worship in heaven
    • Celestial beings sing songs of glory and honor to God because He is the Creator of all things.

What a wonderful picture. And to think, when we are taken up to be with Jesus, we will see it all, live and in living color.
That just blows my mind!

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