9 Oct

I just watched the trailer for this movie. This is totally a date movie with my favorite gal! Here’s a great interview with the director. If you can’t see the graphic below – click here to be taken to the … Read More »


8 Oct

When was the last time a Christian was hacked to death in America? Are Christians in America hiding in fear for their lives? When you are facing death – a drop in our 401Ks seems pretty minor.

Is Obama Lying?

7 Oct

I try not to be political on this blog but I am just amazed that during this presidential election, Obama has been given a pass in the press… I was just amazed then to see this on YouTube by CNN.

Cash Is What We Need!

1 Oct

I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world but it seems that the solution to this is to get cash flowing. Right now, the people who need cash don’t have it and the people who have cash … Read More »