Raize UP!

29 Aug

Lately I have been listening to a lot of independent christian artists. One of the songs that I really like is by Ason (http://www.bigsonny.com/home.html) called Raize Up! There is an urgency in the lyrics that just hit me. It is … Read More »

Mouse Pads

25 Aug

Patti just called me with this story. She was at Target today and a new mouse pad for the computer was on her shopping list. When an associate asked if Patti needed any help, she asked the lady where she … Read More »

Goose bumps

17 Aug

I just had to send this out. I have this saying on my wall in my office. As I wrote the Cornerstone entry this morning, this just seemed appropriate! Enjoy today, but get goose bumps about the potential for tomorrow! … Read More »

Reality Church

12 Aug

Dan Kimball wrote a piece called Reality Church that really spoke to me. I’ve watched people go through all of those stages.  I’ve been through some of them myself.  Being raised a preachers kid, I have always been interested in why … Read More »