Best Race Ever!

11 Aug

If you haven’t figure it out yet – I love swimming. I especially love competitive swimming and last night’s Mens 4×100 Freestyle relay blew me away. To say that it was incredible doesn’t do it justice. You have to see … Read More »

Omahan’s Rock!

7 Jul

The Olympic Swim trials are over and I must say that I’m a little sad. I love swimming and it was a blast watching the swim trials on TV. Sarah and I actually went to an evening session last Monday … Read More »

Welcome Home Pets!

14 Apr

The girls pets all made it home and they had a Welcome Home party for them. Below is a picture from Emily’s class where Angel was welcomed home with all of her friends. I will post more pictures from all … Read More »

Vote for who?

18 Mar

Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife for President I was walking down the street in Chicago yesterday and saw this t-shirt in a shop. It made me giggle so I snapped a picture. While I don’t try to get too political on … Read More »